03 Aug 2018

13+ year old BEC Experiencing Face-Lift

BEC is soon turing 14 years old! The first 10 years was a breeze. The last several years has taken its toll on the paint and installations, so we find ourselves jumping into action with elbow grease, getting soaked with hosing off walls and paiting/staining. This is a massive undertaking and all hands on deck. Tomorrow we hope to finish up the public restrooms. 


Anyone who runs an operation of over 12 horses knows just how much work goes into the daily grind. Feeding, caring for, turning out, retrieving, training, riding, farrier, vet care. It's immense. This is why you see so many barns fall into disrepair, as they become overwhelmed. Many a competition we attended in USA and Canada where the facility was falling apart, yet the group was amazing and awards great. We learned to not judge a facility by its appearance. Any true horseman knows, you judge a facility by their manure management. That's the nitty gritty to stable management and being able to locate a squared away facility. That being said, we refuse to fall into this state and work daily to struggle out of this deep, dark hole. With more help coming in, we will be able to branch out to outer perimeter and really whip the entire property into shape. We have eliminated lots of plants and shrubs, and are more focused on grass and fields for horses and ponies. 


American Paint in David gets a HUGE shout-out! This is the orignal paint, from 2005 in the viewing deck/club house. It's been used and abused and now scrubbed and still looks pretty dang good.


We still have a long way to go. The tractor was just fixed today, so you will see our fields getting whipped into shape way faster than Jess and her mighty weed whackers, should the repair stay viable. She just acquired a more powerful weed whacker, with blade, (still in box) but has had no time to get outside the barn. Hopefully Friday or Saturday.


Our vision is not of grandeur, rather it's a very realistic, functional take on barn life. We are for go, not show here. We understand having a facility open to public carriers a certain amount of wear and tear on the ground and amenities. We have given up the idea of keeping our ledge pristine, as everyone (inlcuding us) sits on it, in the viewing deck. We also have a realistic approach on the horse stalls. It was once beautiful. Now, as long as it stays clean, we're happy.


The big push today was reclaiming the Men's restroom from the Gnabe Bugle worker who inhabited the viewing deck for several months. Jess scrubbed and scrubbed all the grease and dirty hand prints, children markers on walls, dirt and grit from the walls and by restroom sinks. When asked, she said she just dealt with that particular room by closing and locking the door and using it as supplies/storage. This worked when it was just the BEC family and we all just used the girl's. Now we have non members arriving and more people, with need for all stalls to be open.  Several non suspecting men were surprised by this room last week, as the door was not locked. Sorry about that!  (Although, BEC has competed all over this country and we have yet to find a facility with the amenities our restrooms offer. Most either have a San a Can or nothing at all. Jess has had to pee in the horse trailer many a rodeo and barrel race)  Well, today, BEC is back in her former glory, like a Phoenix, rising up. She carries the battle scars proudly.


More and more helpful hands join the club and the results are visible. We are so very thankful to everyone who brought about this beginning to a great face lift. It is a work in progress and a mighty task, but with so many, it should soon be done.


Some big repairs coming up are indoor arena leaks and painting of the wall/rail. HOPSA beams (support to indoor arena) need to be painted again. Should be interesting! It's right at 40 feet.


This was once a very exclusive and posh club. Now it's functional and open to all. We started out with beauty (landscaped grounds) and have settled on functional (ponies manicure lawns) maintenance. As BEC increases in activities and playdays, events, etc, we find ourselves with less and less time. If it weren't for students; Dakota Langer, Laurelyn Bennet, Hannah Savage and appearances by the others, BEC would really be extremely difficult to maintain daily operation, much less aesthetics.  Daily operation is locked down and like clock work.






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