10 Aug 2018

BEC Rescue Pony Smokes Barrel-Racing Course

Skippy, a very small horse (stunted) pony sized, ran a smokin' time of 16:2 at our 3rd week of BEC Barrel Series Shoot-Out 2018. He should have won, but he had kid/pony error and mixed signals brought down barrels. Next time, Skips, next time.


Back in 2010, when Jess purchased this starved pony, her very good vet told her that he would never be fast. Never be anything outside a loyal little lesson pony. How wrong Skippy proved everyone, overcoming the odds and bouncing back to became a very very famous speed horse in Panama. Skippy has followers and fans and everyone loves him.


Skippy had been starved to the point of emaciation and his own body was robbing calcium from his cheek bones to try to adjust and maintain some level of health. This is why you see that his head is the size of a horse, yet his body is only 13 HH. It took years to build Skippy up and to restore his health, and in that time he became very bonded to Jess. He would like to have been a big horse and had her ride him. (her horse is 16 HH) She did! They competed on the NBHA Chiriqui circuit in barrels, with fast time in barrels of 17:4 and poles, 24:7. He is small, Jess is tall and all muscle, making for a very heavy ride for the pony at top speed. Skippy has infuriated breeders, trying to sell overpriced Quarter Horses, claiming that their bloodlines and genetics will produce champions. Skips blows them away in style, training and attitude. He cost a whopping $375.  BEC can train any horse to be a Skips, if they have heart. No matter what breed or pedigree they have or don't have.


Enter Skips into arena... Giant Jess aboard, feet half way to ground. The crowd laughs and snickers watching a pony being ridden by an adult. And they're off! Skips doesn't slow up when he heads into the money barrel until last moment and he rates so hard, he almost slides on his butt! He darts around the first barrel, the crowd yells and screams... on to the second, same thing and Skips hits landing gear at last moment, hugging the second, snaking around it, executing a perfect pivot that only expert training can produce and the fastest turns Panama has ever seen. Jess balancing and counter balancing more than any rider has ever had to, due to sheer size ratio and reverting back to riding some of the top barrel horses with fast times of 14's and 15's. She staying out of his way, both running as one, her helping him around turns with head snaps, looking to next barrel. Skips is running his heart out as the clock continues to tick off the seconds and miliseconds... the third, Jess over unders him to really get that time! Skips goes around the third so fast, if you blinked you'd miss it. Jess is already on that over under coming out of the turn, riding hard and aggressively, forward in racing form. The crowd is now up in their seats, cheering, yelling and screaming (Jess said it sounds exactly like a rollercoaster ride on each turn) and as they race to the finish line, everyone wonders what they just saw. How it's possible that such a small horse just ran a big horse time, with a giant on board. Two answers... heart and proper training.


Rescues have heart and will give it their all. BEC has been blessed with that proper trainer who really has a connection with horses, understands them, and when she asks, the horse gives it their all.




Skips is extraordinary and loved by all who know him. He is a kind, gentle and happy pony and we are blessed he came into our lives.


Skips has run and given his all. He's earned his cheques. He now enjoyed the slow life of mostly being at pasture and ridden occasionally. He does give daily kisses to Jess and will drop his food to greet her. Such a great love and bond has formed between these two free spririts.





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