08 Jul 2018

Haps At BEC Today. Great Day For All

Today was a fabulous day at the Club. It started off right with barrel practice and all our horses and ponies did great! Hannah is now back from Europe, so she's working Skippy again. Today they ran a pretty nice yet slow pattern (fast time for Panama) 16:935. They have a lot more speed in them. The jumbo jet and oh so hard to ride Munchy ran a 17:220 (fast time for here) and she's not even running or turning fast, yet. She still has much more training to do. Much more experience needed under her cinch and she will be a force to reckon with! Little Sugar ran a 17:9 and she didn't even have her normal turns on rails locked down and lost a decent amount of time. Sugar is only alittle over 12.3 HH. Skippy is only 13.1 HH. Teeny little 12.1 HH Starlight ran a 20 flat with Dakota. Starlight has been used for many kids at lessons, so she had problems with her turns. We will iron out those wrinkles.


While the girls were running barrels, Jess was showing Khaleesi to potential new family. Khalessi is an adorable English looking breed (all hair) and sweet as anything. She's never been motivated to run, or even trot... so she will make the perfect first child pony for their little 3 year old girl. We're thrilled with this combination and are sad to see her go, yet so very excited to see her share her pony love and patience with a new little one.  The father, Deibys has a horse who has a problem with his front feet. He found out that BEC was the place to go, the Panama Horse Source and now has an appointment for Jess to fix the rolled/underrun heels and get the stud back on track. Deibys will bring his horse when he comes to pick up Khaleesi. A new chapter in our little ponies life. How exciting for all! She will be going to Volcan.


Our new volunteer, Stephanie opened up Salon BEC today and groomed as many horses and ponies as she could before her first ever lesson. She was amazed that our horses are "point and shoot" and so responsive. Is there any other way? Stephanie has smelled that horse hair and her addiction is forming and becoming more intense. She is thinking about riding in training class for our Barrel Series, this 15th.


Last but not least, Jess got a new puppy.  His name is pending, but he's an adorable Shih-Tzu boy (will get snipped snipped ASAP and remain a squating boy) and very much like her Achoo. Now, Achoo will have someone to keep her company while Jess is busy at BEC.  There is one left. A little girl and she's adorable. Great price for purebred, too! No, Jess doesn't want to rescue a street dog. She's rescued horses on her own for 30 years now, full time in Panama for 18 years. Rescue work paid in full. She can have the breed she loves.


Great day. The horses did so well. We're so proud of them, our students and thank our heavenly Father for every day He gives us. Life is good and we have been blessed. We ask that he protects every last one of us and shields us from the ugliness of this polluted world.


Pending Party- TIKI!


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