5 Star Boarding & Horse Care

5 Star Boarding & Horse Care

For anyone coming from USA, Europe or Canada, these are amazing prices, we know. This is what we were charged for our filly to be trained, back in 1988! In 1998 we paid $850 boarding per month in Canada! For Panama people, you get what you pay for. El barato sale caro. Yes, we speak Spanish.


We are a full care facility with an 80' x 80' indoor schooling ring,  120' x 240' outdoor Competition arena, both with sand over hard compact material footing.  Our boarder's barn is made entirely out of concrete, which we have found to be cooler in the summer and better in the winter.  It  has  12' x 12' and 12' x 14' box stalls, cross-ties available in the aisle way as well as tie stations with tie blocks at the stalls, and wash rack for bathing, with washing machine.  Boarders are welcome to keep their tack boxes in front of their horses' stalls and we also have a separate tack room for extra space, should you need it.  We designed a specialised viewing deck in the indoor arena for the parents and guests to watch as their children ride, from the convenience of couches and plush chairs. The viewing deck consists of a vestibule type entrance from highway side, with an 80 person occupancy in main space and public restrooms with 2 sinks in common area. Offices are both downstairs as well as upstairs.


Convenient access to all stalls and service areas is provided by the stable's cross-shaped design.  2 large aisle-way doors and people door create a comfortable interior environment. 


Each stall is 12' x 12' with a 24' run, and we have one 12' x 14' large Warmblood stall and a massive foaling stall. A secured tack room, tack-up areas, wash  bays, two utility farier work areas, instructor/trainer office, and public restroom complete the floor plan. 


Equipment available to Boarders

We have a full show jump inventory with colourful and innovative obstacles designed to test horses scope with our amazing design to make stair steps and ascending oxers in just a few change-ups with cups. Training equipment consists of PRCA approved gaming equipment, plastic and steel barrels, ground poles, and other bits and bobs to ensure a solid and sound arena and road safe horse. We are Ultimate Cowboy Challenge fans, and do set up this course every now and again.


2018 Rates

                                            Limited amount of space available


20.00 USD/ per day for visiting horses.  Stall rental and care- you supply feed.

25.00 USD per day full care for outside horses.  (2 scoops of grain/alfalfa- 8.5 lbs and 6 leaves of hay)


   Basic Care- 120 USD / mes


    Rental of BEC Main Barn Stall, with paddock and automatic waterer and right to main BEC barn,    

    indoor and outdoor competition arena. You supply the feed. If you do not want to purchase, transport 

    and put feed upstairs, we will gladly do it for you.  Money paid up front, entire month's worth of feed 



    Total Care- 250 USD/month


    All the above, plus stall picked out, daily horse handling.
    Vet and Farrier handling is available for additional
    fee. We supply the feed.



    Premium Horse Care 350 USD/month

    All of the above, plus daily turn out and grass


    Special Care- 450 USD/month


    All of the above, plus grooming, exercise,
    washing, worming, trimming (corrective trimming ie;
    low angles, irregularities, deformations, rehab, ect.
    and shoes at additional cost. Vet and Stallion handling is
    available for additional fee. (200 USD additional
    for any stallion on premises for boarding. Damage
    to property will be paid at time of incident)

    Competition Horse Premium Care-  525 USD/month


    All of the above plus blanketing, hoods, (you supply) washing,
    special supplements (you supply) clipping, specialised
    grooming techniques, (plaiting addition cost) trail riding for
    conditioning and arena work on selected disciplines. 2 free
    lessons included to enable owner to understand cues and
    training aids.