First Farrier Association in Panama

First Farrier Association in Panama

    PFA  (Panama Farrier Association) ensures that you always find the best professional to care for your horse. As many of our members and clinic participants know, anything less than the best is detrimental to the sensitive structures of our equine friends, and formal education is not something which can be avoided or put off, when under a horse- ever. In fact, all our members are great believer in continuing education. Remember, every degree affects your equine friend. There have been cases reported of 11 degrees difference in angular deformities directly related to past shoe jobs and shoers. This is catastrophic to the equine distal limb. It's not a question of  "if" it gets bad, rather "when" will it break down and render your horse useless. Said mare was barely getting around. Just one trim from a PFA member and she was back to being ridden the following day.

    Many are importing Farriers in from USA, as the lack of excellent Farrier service is a fact here many must live with.  Many just accept sub-par care and service to their mounts and a very low percentage don't care or understand the damage being done by poor trimming and shoeing techniques.


    PFA is very serious in our oath as "helping our equine client to the best of our ability, regardless of time or money."  This means, should a PFA member tend your horse, be prepared for up to 3 hours to get the job done correctly. No shortcuts are taken, no fast fixes are used. Many times our Farriers will set the foot down, have you walk your horse- several times after making a cut. Gait analysis is one of the most important factors of properly aligning and correcting a horse. If you want a fast Farrier- sorry. There is no such thing. If you want a fast "slap and tack" shoer,  there are many to choose from. Price reflects.

    Our Farriers are professional, and they are extremely educated not only in the classroom, but with years of postive practical application. We are very selective in who we approve and give our blessing to go out and work on horses, as we have seen horses ruined in just one trim. Many cases here involve a horse with sheered heels, long toe and distorted hoof structures- meaning, through lack of care of knowledge, shoer or trimmer allowed the hoof structures (most heels and toes) to elongate and "drift" out of alignment. This has now been observed in shoers and barefoot trimmer in Panama. Only a good Farrier knows how to pull them back, get your horse back under itself, regain it's serviceability and remain sound entire life.


    This is not just a Panama thing. This is a problem of epidemic proportions world 'round. Either through lack of education or care, many hoof care professionals have opted for the easy way out, chasing that almight dollar bill and abandoning their oaths as hoof care professionals. It is back breaking, sweaty hard work. Many opt to call it "good enough" instead of going that extra mile and taking an additional hour to assure that the horse is totally balanced, aligned, straight, correct and pain free. This is an elite group of Hoof Care Specialists that appear here, put together by professional, certified Farriers and managed by only ethical, caring and healing hoof specialists.

    Anyone can grab a rasp and trim a horse. Only a top few can actually transform a horse into a highly tuned performance animal, pain free with life span greatly increased, just by a little coconut shavings on the ground.


    Think about it, if you currently have a trimmer or shoer working on your horse. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us. We will give it to you straight. We have no agenda in pushing horseshoes and zero agenda in the "barefoot" fad bandwagon. All our Farriers have known for years that barefoot is better, and it is no new thing. If your horse will go better natural- we will tell you. If it is a rare case which requires shoes, we will give it to your straight. Our members opt for the least damaging shoeing techniques, understanding that every nail debilitates the integrity of the hoof wall. All our members first attempt natural hoof care. PFA members are not in the industry for money., prestige or fame. Our member's fees barely pay to import high quality, very expensive precision tools into the country, much less apply back breaking work at a fraction of cost they made in other countries.

    PFA members only goal is to help relieve horses of their suffering and give them back their lives, as serviceable mounts and beloved pets, give you, the owner piece of mind and harmony with your horse.


Some problems related to hoof pain:

Irritability  (the most observed in Panama)

Anti-social behavior (2nd most observed in Panama)

Lack of participation in pasture or under saddle



Sore back

Unwillingness to train



Odd foot falls (gait abnormality)

Iinterference (if you hear tick tick from one hoof hitting the other, or have cuts/swelling from one foot hitting the front leg and find use of bell boots help relive this, it's called, Interference) 

Sudden lack of interest in passion (rodeo horses, hunter/jumpers, etc)

Sudden drop in performance


Can't quite catch their breath,  lack of stamina (low angles- frequently observed here in Panama)

Lack of procioception (they don't quite know where their feet are)

Lack of circulation (swollen limbs, stiff limbs, poor circulation to other parts of body)

Swollen tendons/puffy tendons (frequently seen here in Panama)