Playdays & Events at BEC

Playdays & Events at BEC

We've already enjoyed half dozen shows in this summer season with playdays, barrel series, Trail and Ultimate Cowboy Challenge. We wil be offering more fun events in the very near future!

We don't have horses to rent, but we can help you find a dandy! (we do pre-purchase exams) There are many horses needing a TLC home.

If you miss the family oriented show envirnonment from South Africa, Canada or the USA, look no further. This is it. We have created our shows and events around the entire family, and are very laid back and stress free. FUN is what we're about! (We can also instruct to a level of winning everything around)

Yes, we do offer classes! From $25 group rate, very affordable and created to encourage new riders to get those all important riding hours in, under watchful eye of pro.


Need more info? 6622-9234 (WhatsApp available)