Riding Instruction From The Pros

Riding Instruction From The Pros

Our Trainer/Riding Instructor has been in equine industry for 30+ years, operated in 5 different countries, (is totally bilingual) and has trained with top Internation Olympic Riders in Canada and UK. Bobbie Reeber in Canada and Team Great Britain rider, Tony Newbury in South Ampton, England, being referred by Malcom Pyrah, also Team Great Britain rider. Her claim to fame is in speed horses, having trained the 1997 O-MOK-SEE National US Champion having set long standing Arena Records, which are still remembered to this day.  Her methods are unlike anyone out there, as she emphasises Dressage in her speed horses and the results are amazing. Jessica Schrock holds certificates in 3 different areas of Equine Industry, is a Certified Scientific Farrier with 23 years fixing problem hooves and has many referrals of happy and successful students, dating back to 1995. Her students still consult her to this day and even from thousands of miles away, ask for a pre-purchase remote exam before buying their horses. Jessica is not a part time trainer or instructor. She devotes her life to this and her passion for it is evident over fame or need for fortune.

For Barrel Racers: Jessica Shrock (then van den Burgh) competed in NBHA, EBRA, WBRA, PRCA, O-MOK-SEE, Tri-State O-MOK-SEE, WSHGD and many local shows. Even back in early '90s ran a 14:6 in barrels with her horse, Ararity, whom she trained from scratch. Ararity also ran a 7:767 in Cal Stake (just being brought on) and 21:2 in poles. National Champion, Poco Hollysox Tong's record time (she trained her from scratch) was 15:132 and she was her slow horse. To this day, Jessica rides Old School and insists on her students doing the same. Evident in producing outstandingly aggressive and proficient riders who race the course bareback, as Jessica still does, even in 40's to this day. Jessica also insists on the very allusive and complicated "button hook turn" for first (money barrel) and her firsts truly stand out among so many riders.  Jessica also holds certificates in other areas, surprisingly non equine. One of which is Tactical Driving. Husband instructs this (among other things) and between the two of them, have each and every turn down to a science. They have the uncanny ability to analyse and break down each and every run to the 1/1000th second discrepencies and show students how to lower times through highly advanced technological methods.  If you want to run barrels, this is the place in all of Panama to receive proper education and learn technique through Unconsious Competence, which is their trademark thing. Both are Instructors, Certified and this is what they do.  First timer Dakota Langer (student of 1 year) went out and won her very first competition through this very method- FIDA CUP Internation Barrels.



BEC specialises in both individual and group lessons from beginner/ nervous novice riders to advanced.  We have several coaches on staff to ensure the best coach/student combination.  Lessons are offered 5 days a week, except on national holidays or Show days. Our students are taught to help each other, and everyone gets along, making for a harmonious environment for all.  The older ones help the younger ones- especially for shows, inspections, and clinics.  

English, Western, Show-Jumping- focus on Rodeo Sports




ASTM approved riding helmets are mandatory for any and all riders in the English discipline.  Western is optional, and to be ridden so at own risk.  All jumpers MUST wear approved crash vests when on course if over 3ft.  B.E.C. can provide helmets but encourages you to buy your own to ensure proper fit.


1 hour private lesson-  $45.00

1 hour semi private lesson- $35.00  

1 hour group (3-4 riders)  $25.00

1/2 hour private lesson  $25.00