Christmas Ponies For Sale!

Christmas Ponies For Sale!

They're chubby, fluffy ponies with APHA sense and calm. They're saddle broke and leadline trained with kids. Oh so sweet, willing and ready for kids! These boys will make the perfect fluffy Christmas Pony! Surprise your kids this holiday season with a pony!


FAQ's on horse expense:

Bale of hay, $5.50 delivered and the the best quality hay we have located in Central America in our 20 years here.

Bag of grain: $23.00 for 45+ kilos or 100 lbs.

Wormers: $4.50 and up

Vetting: Floating teeth, $120

Foot care, $25 (trim)

How much will a pony eat in a month? Our boys eat 1 bag per month currently, that's on hay and grass as well. They tie out and can be located anywhere as combat multipliers in the daily jungle warfare that is Panama in rainy season. They eat 1 bale of hay in just under a week in no grass conditions.