Now Accepting BEC Club Members 2018

Now Accepting BEC Club Members 2018

We are finally ready to accept new club members and share our laid back, easy going family oriented club with everyone. So far this 2018, we have enjoyed a Farrier Clinic, several Playdays, a Barrel Practice Day and we were interviewed by the great people at Chiriqui Life, asking what we're all about. To sum it up in one word- fun!

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The Boquete Equestrian Club welcomes new members. Please print out the form below and mail with your check, (or cash in person) to apply for membership. *If you would like to make a donation to our timer lights and maintenance fund, please check here. $_____.

Boquete Equestrian Club

Via Boquete, Las Trancas Km 29, Chiriqui, Panama
(You Must Be 18 years of age)




City:___________________________Tel:_______________________ Email___________________

Select Appropriate type of membership:

Silver ______

Gold   ______

Platinum ______

One day pass ______

Family  _______ 

Paid membership entitles member (s) to voting privileges at the election of member of the year awards, attendance at private Club functions, discount admission to Club events and use of the outdoor arena. As well as the right to board your horse at Club, free entrance passes, etc.

In consideration of accepting this application, I hereby, for myself, my family, my heirs, executors and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the Boquete Equestrian Club, their representatives, successors and assigns, for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my family at any activity sponsored by these groups.

Signature of Applicant(s):



____________________________________ Date:____________________

____________________________________ Date:____________________

Sponsor (only applicable for New Members):
____________________________________ Date:____________________

(f you do not have a current member sponsor, leave blank)


Deliver completed application with check payable to:
Boquete Equestrian  Club
Attn. Membership 2018

Date Application rec'd____________ Date voted on_____________ Outcome of vote_________________
Check # ____________ Date Membership card sent__________ Member List Updated:________________

Please list the names, birth dates and ages of all members to whom this application applies:


Birth Date














Check as many as applies to you/your family:

Educational Horse Clinics    ____
English Horse Events            ____
Rodeo Club                           ____
Wilderness Pack Trips          ____
Social Functions                   ____
Youth Activities                    ____
Playdays/Barrels                   ____
Trail Rides                             ____
Roping                                   ____
Parades                                   ____
Dances                                   ____
4-H                                         ____

Other ____________________

Please indicate your status:
Yes I/We have a horse (s):_____
No. I/We don't have a horse (s) but would like to learn more about horses:_____
I/We are interested in working student option:_____

Please indicate which committee (s) you would like to assist:

Ground Crew            ____                 Maintenance             ____
Show Office            ____               Parades                      ____
Dances                      ____              Rodeos                       ____
Timed Events            ____              Sponsorship              ____
Kitchen                     ____              Work Days                ____


Membership Type - Individual or Family or Day

Membership types may be Individual, Family, or Day. 

Individual Equestrian Membership-

Any adult over the age of 18 may subscribe, either themselves or a minor to be an Individual Member. This Membership is valid for one year,

payable monthly by automatic credit card charge, cash or annually, in advance with a discount.  The privileges of membership include access to the indoor

and outdoor arenas, clubhouse, facility, and admission to all clinics, shows, and events. This is a Private Club.


Family Equestrian Membership-  

Any adult, along with their immediate family, is eligible to be a Family Member. This Membership is valid for one year, payable monthly by automatic credit card charge, or annually, in advance with a discount.  The privileges of the Club extend to each member of the immediate household. Household includes a spouse and  all unmarried children under the age of 21, living in the same house. The privileges of membership include access to the indoor and outdoor arenas, clubhouse, ability to use facilities for parties, events and picnics, etc. (prior arrangement required) $ 250.00 for 2018


Day Membership-

Day Memberships are valid only on the day of issue.  $ 5.00.


Membership Level – Silver, Gold, Platinum-

Memberships, whether Individual, Family, or Day, may be one of various levels of access.


Silver Membership- 

Silver Membership gives you access to BEC,  includes the use of arena for practice time and allows free Club Members pass to all events at the gate, in addition, waives all office processing fees for competitors.  $80.00 per year


Gold Membership-

Gold Membership includes all of the above, plus access to the stables and boarding, indoor and outdoor arena use, clubhouse (viewing deck) and club house reserve rights for parties and functions.  $150.00 per year.  $25.00 monthly Club maintenance fee to all boarders. Boarders will enjoy special perks such as help with worming, Cert. N.A. Farrier on site, bit/saddle/tack advice, etc.


Platinum Membership-

The Platinum Member has exclusive rights and privileges.  In addition to all the benefits of the Silver and Gold they will have first choice to all training schools, and clinics at no additional cost.  Includes a position on the board of advisors, and the right to vote for the Club member of the year award. SPECIAL PLATINUM PASSES VERIFYING THAT THEY ARE PLATINUM  MEMBERS AND ON THE BOARD OF ADVISORS. $250.00 per year. $35.00 monthly Club fee to all boarders.



Yes, we do offer Riding Instruction and Training, both of you and your horse. No, it is not going to break the bank! We strive to keep our prices very down to earth and reasonable. We are not a posh club, nor will you find snobs here. We are the fun loving, rowdy, rodeo crowd and believe everyone should help and treat one another as we would want to be treated.


This is Central America, where God is very much active and welcome and prayer is held in office, sports arenas, groups as well as law enforcement branches.. At our Rodeos and other events, we pray and ask for protection and deliverance from all things negative and dangerous. This is not religious, rather spiritual and if you have an aversion to prayer, this is not your place.    

All board of directors have the right to vote for member of the year award

(Cost of use of BEC mount included)


1 hour private lesson  B/. 45.00

1 hour semi private lesson B/.  35.00 per person

1 hour group (3-4 riders)  B/. 25.00

1/2 hour private lesson B/. 15.00