Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

BEC offers beginner to advanced instruction with certified coach of over 35 years in industry, having trained in UK with former Team member, Tony Newbery, (one of the last greats) where the old school safety seat was taught, to which all BEC students benefit via this secured and evolved position. Following training in UK, Jess went on to Bobbi Reeber in Canada with her young Warmblood prospect, dominating in the English/Jumping arena. Prior to Show Jumping, Jess trained the National O-MOK-SEE champion in patterned speed events in 1997, State title BCD Games horse, Reserve State Champion O-MOK-SEE and 4th overall in Idaho State, being one of the most consistent, fast riders out there- which she passes on to all her students.


Here in Panama, students from BEC are far more condition response trained than outsiders, placing consistently in Barrels and Poles and are attention grabbers with their advanced techniques while racing full out. All students are trained via repetitive actions muscle memory, so that even the most flustered, nervous rider gets the job done under pressure, as they just flip a switch, the BEC automatic pilot trained mode, some even going as far as Jess pushing to the max in military combat style simulation exercises to get heart rate up and bypass nerves. It's not uncommon to see students running and doing push-ups out there, prior to races.


Jess took her military training, exercises, drills and bulletproof mindset and incorporated it with equestrian sports, coming up with a fullproof system to keep competitors cool, calm and competent.. even under the most pressure ever felt in their lives. This is the same training premise as what pilots and soldiers undergo, and how even under extreme and dangerous scenarios, they remain cool and competent, flipping that switch and pushing fear and nerves aside to get job done. Jess does throw OODA Loop in there, and really gets her students thinking on their feet, all while under auto mode in arena. She trains the horses in this same way, via games, treats and fun. All her horses remain extremely competent and consistent mounts, under massive pressure to perform, in all varied scenarios and demands. You will never find anyone like this gem in the equestrian world, as she is truly one of a kind, having both feet firmly planted in two entirely separate industries, both in need of these training systems.


A milestone in Jess's competition career in Panama, 2017


Jess was invited (fully paid trip) to Coronado to ride in a Team Canada competition. This is when you have a team mate and ride against an opposing country in patterned horse racing timed events. Just a month or so prior, she and a green student had won Team Canada over Team Domincan Republic, taking the title. Jess arrived to destination (decked out in Canada's best) only to find out the Ranch had invited her down as a foreign trainer and rider to race in OPEN, giving her a child's slow mount- in a gesture she states was as much as she hated saying it, "to see her fail" on national TV. Being resourceful, she got a friend to loan his fastest horse in country, and she went out and ran a fast time, having only minutes to adjust to this gorgeous mare prior to race. To add insult to injury, she then rode the arena owner's own mare (as they insisted) to the tune of the fastest time for mare ever, as this mount was a chronic barrel basher. Jess not only held her off the 2nd (that she loves to bash knees on) she put such speed on her to the 3rd, riding so aggressively, that they made up for their near halt on 2nd and came out with a smokin' 17:5, the fastest time the mare ever ran, (as of then and Jess guesses probably now) as she loves bashing barrels. Jess said that mare was literally running for her life, as she put the fear of God in to her. (Jess rides extremely aggressively, and horses aren't use to this style) This gained the attention of entire country, as they watched her go from an 18:4 (super slow kid's lesson horse) to a 17:3 on Catalina Smoke, turning in 2 of the top fastest times and qualifying.. all on horses she literally stepped on for first time and said, "Bring it!". Jess said she would return, be better prepared and have a forward thinking game plan. The ranch owners never invited her back.


You'd think Jess would be best known for those smokin' runs on first time ever ridden horses at this competition, right? She was instantly famous as a female farrier who replaced shoes on friend's horses (and complete stranger- refusing money) and gained national recognition as corrective scientific farrier. She saw a need for it, and hosted a Scientific Farrier Clinic shortly thereafter, and corrected many horses, nationally, having owners pay her way to get her to their ranches and stables to help their horses become aligned and healthy. Let it be stated, Jess runs all her horses barefoot, on a very correct trim she perfected through professional farrier experience and trial and error over the years. No, Jess does not offer farrier services. Sorry. She is open to overseeing your horse shoer's work and setting correct angles and length. We'll just say it- she's not cheap, as she has a lot to do here at BEC and time and energy must align.


This is what Jess cultivates in her students. All grit.. no quit. She teaches them to find 3 solutions to every problem and have a contingency for every situation. Whether it battling for a national title or getting through a trail ride in backcountry safely. She also teaches her students to be able to step up on a brand new horse and ride it, even in the arena, under the lights.


Before Jess set out for the National Rodeo Finals Panama Team Championship title in 2019, (Team's Barrel-Racer, 3 horses, 12 races in 3 days- only 2 barrels down between 2 separate horses) she herself was out in arena, being put through paces with weighted vest and doing extreme physical training exercises. This is what Jess shares with her students. Decades of experience, competence as consistent and serious competitor and die hard tenacity.


A feather in Jess's cap was when she took a green student, just barely able to stay on at full gallop on barrels and mentored her and pushed her to win the FIDA CUP in 2016, with her USA team mate, as TEAM USA. Most coaches would have opted to keep such an inexperienced student for a year or so, prior to entering into a national title competition in NBHA. With Jess's expertise in how to ride a brand her horse in the time of 15 min or less, she led this little greenhorn student on to victory, hand picking bits, reining/rating techniques, approach to barrels and how to get a non turning horse to turn. To this day, Panama still resonates with BAMBI TURNED! A runaway horse turned with this green student, as Jess picked a hackamore/gag combo and taught the green kid how to bare down and muscle in on 3rd barrel turn. One of the horses this student drew was the same Catalina Smoke who rode Jess to victory in Coronado. This student rode 3 horses they had never seen in 3 days, taking national title against seasoned barrel racing competitors. This was Jess' students first ever competition and she became a national champion, dethroning consecutive champions Team Brazil and winning the respect of all, overnight.


This very same competition, NBHA, Jess holds taking her little rescue Skippy out under the lights and running a 17:9 with the little buckskin, near and dear to her heart. His first ever run after her putting a few months of training on him. She overlooks all national titles and championships and will forever hold her stunted 13:1 HH rail of a rescue pony destroying all those big Quarter Horses as the biggest feather in her cap of her entire life equestrian career. She loved being laughed at (Skippy is very small and thin) prior to running barrels, watching all the scoffers, only to take off and corner like they were on rails, even in mud, listening to the scoffers instantly turn into their biggest fans, as they made roller coaster adrenalin filled shouts at them, cheering the little pony and massive rider on. Fastest time for this little pony was 17:4 in barrels and 23:4 in poles. Jess is tall and heavy with muscle. Skips went on to run at BEC's arena with a light weight kid student, (same NBHA course that they set) 16:2 fastest and consistent times of low 16's in a barrel series. Skippy will forever be remembered as the little pony who could, as he's all heart for his rescuer, Jess. This amazing pony now lessons children and Jess enjoys his daily Skippy kisses.



You want to win in the ring or on the trail, Jess will take you there.



Due to limited horses offered to public, we only have available ADULT beginning riding lessons and medium-advanced Dressage instruction. For children, we offer all disciplines, all levels.


* English

* Western

* Barrel-Racing + O-MOK-SEE Gymkhana

* Driving

* Dressage

* Show Jumping


* Mounted Archery- you supply the bow and arrows, I teach you how to shoot and will rent out use of my seasoned mount. BEC does not supply archery items.


Wet Season rates: $35.00, lesson